13 Things Stagey People Do, That Normal People Don’t

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Daisies At Dawn

Urban dictionary shows the word ‘stagey’ is used to describe all things excessively theatrical, including the people. Stagey people are almost a species of their own, you can tell one from almost a mile off (most of the time you will hear them first) – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are a few things that stagey folk do that most muggles (non stagey people) wouldn’t dream of doing for fear of being subject to ridicule and judgement…

1. We Like To Tap Dance – No matter how good or poor our level of tap is, we will occasionally be overcome with an overwhelming urge to perform a little rhythmic step and maybe a few time steps, for no apparent reason. Suddenly, we all become Gene Kelly.


2. Sing All Day, E’ry Day – Singing is not confined to the studio, no no. We stageys belt proudly…

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Anna Robertson believes the most interesting things happen in the most mundane places. This is a collection of thoughts on life, people, places and other nonsense.
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