Anna Robertson believes the most interesting things happen in the most mundane places. This is a collection of thoughts on life, people, places and other nonsense.

“I get bored easily. My father used to tell me – and they were in accusatory tones – that I was a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ when I was a kid. He was a very perceptive man. I think I gave my parents the most heartache of all of their children. My siblings were older and seemed much more together and level headed. They at least looked like they knew what they wanted to do with their lives and just set a course and did it. Very frustrating of them quite frankly. They set a particular level of bar and the old man used to constantly dust off the yard-stick and point out with disappointed looks and sighs how I was failing to measure up.

I like to know about everything, and by everything, I mean mostly everything. Obviously I don’t care about your Facebook status updates regarding your culinary pursuits regarding your evening meal, or that you have the BEST boyfriend in the ENTIRE world because he just gave you a foot massage blah, blah, blah. Nope. I like to learn new things all the time that are interesting, intellectually challenging, creatively fascinating, and just plain nonsensical. This is where the problem lies. Once I have learned them, even just skimmed the surface, that’s it. I’m done. File it away. Next. I think there’s a term for it – ADHD (Another Distraction Hasoccured Disorder).

So that’s why I’ve ended up probably being someone who people call ‘resilient’ and ‘capable’ who got a couple of degrees while raising three children, a CV that is an eclectic and lengthy blend supporting my father’s early hypothesis, and is now blogging about what happens in everyday life, creating designer clergy wear (no, I’m not religious – it started with my friend Holy Hel the Anglican vicar complaining about the shortage of beautiful vestments), and seriously contemplating what next to study. Isn’t life great!”

Anna x


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